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Digital-Aided Design

Digital-Aided Design (DAD) is the method and process of digitally creating a model and design simulations of how people, processes and technology assets relate and depend on each other.

The model is created using a combination of the OBASHI Methodology and software technologies enabling the connectivity between assets, the flow of data, and attributed information to be visualised and analysed - often in a collaborative manner.

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Analyse and refine individual flows of data across your digital model


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The OBASHI Methodology

The OBASHI Methodology is a standard approach to mapping and modelling the connectivity between an organisation's people, processes and technology assets.

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Education Partners

We partner with academic and professional learning institutions to upskill educators and further digital understanding.

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Expert Advisory

We offer expert advisory to Governments and global institutions to develop a baseline model for their digital strategies that satisfies both national and international cross-border data flow requirements & DFFT obligations.