Government & Cross-Border Data Flows

Data fuels the global digital economy. Regulatory frameworks governing cross-border data flows are the focus of governments and institutions around the world.

International Data Flows has 25 years of experience advising Governments, Institutions, and Standards Bodies on the practical implementation of cross-border data flow strategies.

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Data Free Flow with Trust

DFFT is an international institution for discussing data distribution on a global scale. Its aim is to ensure the cross-border flow of data to solve business and social issues.


To achieve this, the international community needs trustworthy legal and voluntary frameworks, guidelines, standards, technologies, and transparent safeguarding measures.


Digital-Aided Design provides a trusted, standard framework that enables every government and organisation to address cross-border data flow challenges together. 

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Cross-Border Privacy Rules

The Global CBPR Forum was established via the 2022 Global CBPR Declaration. The Global CBPR Forum seeks to support the free flow of data by providing an interoperable mechanism for effective data protection and privacy globally.


At the core of the Forum’s work are the Global CBPR System and Global Privacy Recognition for Processors (PRP) System. These voluntary, accountability-based systems will allow organizations to demonstrate their compliance to internationally-recognised data protection and privacy standards thus facilitating the seamless transfer of data across borders.


Digital-Aided Design is a universal common language and digital engineering approach that all nations can use to understand and communicate their cross border data flows.

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Data Privacy Engineering

Privacy engineering is the act of applying systematic, scientific or methodological approaches to include requirements for privacy in the design, development, and operations of systems and services through various domains, such as software development, system design, data science, physical architecture, process design, information technology infrastructure and human-computer interaction/user experience design. © 2023 IAPP


Digital-Aided Design offers data privacy engineering the dynamic design tooling required to put privacy at the centre of the design, development, and operations of systems across all the domains.

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