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Why use OBASHI Professional?

Build the Big Picture

Dynamically map the people, business processes and technology assets across your business.

Create a single source of truth

Bulk import existing data and embed documentation behind each OBASHI Element to develop a rich, digital model of your business.

Identify and map data flows

Use Dataflow Analysis Views to simulate the impact of change and identify areas of risk before starting a new project.

What you can do with OBASHI

Image Showing OBASHI Diagram

Create clarity and context with professional Digital-Aided Design tooling

Design dynamic models of your organisation with easy-to-use OBASHI tooling. Enhance productivity and supercharge communication by building a common language between Business & IT.

Image showing OBASHI Methodology and OBASHI Manual

Build your knowledge with OBASHI Learn

Take advantage of up-to-date learning content, resources and practical guides from the OBASHI Learn Hub.


Learn access is included with OBASHI Professional:

  • The OBASHI Methodology Manual
  • Quick-Start Guides
  • Presentations
  • Diagram examples, Templates, Videos and more

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Frequently Asked Questions

Digital-Aided Design (DAD) is an engineering approach that can be applied to any digital business transformation or technology adoption initiative.

DAD consists of a method and software tooling that enable diagrams, models and simulations to be created that show the current and/or futures states of an organisation.

OBASHI is a Methodology supported by a software technology. It is used to design, map and model the data flows, relationships and dependencies between Business and IT assets.

Docker is a secure, trusted and fully scalable virtualised container environment.

It enables an OBASHI model and all its associated data and documentation to be securely transferred between hardware / cloud hosting environments as it increases in size and volume.

OBASHI is used by business, digital and data professionals across all industry and government.

Subscriptions can be compared on the Pricing page.

Yes, there is a 10 day trial version of OBASHI Professional available.