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International Data Flows joins the European Data Compliance Network

International Data Flows joins European Data Compliance Network


International Data Flows has joined the European Data Compliance Network as a Content Partner and contributor to the Catalog of Data Protection Tech Solutions.


OBASHI has been added to the European Data Compliance Network’s Catalog of Data Protection Tech Solutions 3rd edition.


The European Data Compliance Network – EUDCN is a Brussels based international non-profit organisation created in October 2023. Their mission is to educate professionals to achieve compliance excellence for their organizations and to empower individuals to take control of their personal data and their digital lives.




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EUDCN brings together a community of experts from data protection, AI, data governance, cybersecurity and other related fields who are working towards a digital world where organisations govern their data responsibly and privacy is protected.


At International Data Flows, we have always been passionate advocates for organisations taking a rigorous engineering approach to governing the flow of data.


Data compliance helps to protect individuals' privacy and security. It helps to protect organizations from legal liability.

The Catalog of Data Protection Tech Solutions, a non-commercial educational project, serves to provide essential information and resources to promote General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance and facilitate privacy-preserved data sharing.


 This pioneering initiative by the European Data Compliance Network (EUDCN) seeks to serve various parties, including Data Protection Officers (DPOs), data protection experts, and internal stakeholders from companies investing in privacy automation solutions.


Image Showing OBASHI Dataflow Analysis View (DAV)

Data Flow Visualisation


OBASHI has been included in a new sub-category ‘Data Flow Visualisation’ as part of 1.0 Data Governance for privacy category.


Unlike Data Mapping, which creates definitions of data structures for activities such as data exchange and data analysis, Data Flow Visualisation is the process of mapping the path the data takes on its journey from point A to point B.


Data Flow Visualisation is useful for a variety of business disciplines, but from a privacy perspective, it enables the identification of which business assets personal data flows through, where it rests, and how it is processed.